An Island Sanctuary

There is some evidence that a monastery was founded on Spike Island (Inis Píc) in the 7th Century. The well known Munster Saint, St. Mochuda or St. Carthage, is said to have founded a monastery here in AD 635. St. Mochuda miraculously cured Cathal, King of Kerrycurrihy, of deafness, blindness and lameness and in gratitude Cathal gave extensive lands to God and Mochuda forever.

St. Mochuda subsequently founded a monastery on Spike and is said to have spent a year there. In later centuries there are references to a St. Ruisen, son of St. Lappan, who was also associated with the monastery on Spike.

In AD 821 the Annals record the death of Sealbhac, an Abbot of Inis Píc.

Mochuda placed a religious community on the island to build there a church in honour of God. Mochuda himself remained there a whole year.

On his departure he left his three diciples, Goban, a bishop, Srafan, a priest, and Holy Laisren together with the saintly bishop Dardomaighen to watch over his monastic settlement. Bishop Dardomaighen had conferred orders on them in the presence of Mochuda and forty monks.

Inis Píc is a most holy place in which an exceedingly devout community constantly dwell…’

Extract from 12th century Life of St. Carthage (Mochuda).

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