Primary Junior School Tours

The Primary Junior School Tours are devised by teachers for teachers of Junior classes at Primary Level.

It begins in the Railway Station as the children commence their exciting journey to Cobh and then by means of the stimulating Ferry Trip to Spike Island. On the Island it pauses at the Old Houses (where “Little Nellie of Holy God” lived); then up to the Fort and Parade Ground. From there it leads the children on the pathway that takes them around the outside of the Fort to see Cork Harbour by means of a series of spectacular viewing points. Finally they return to the Main Gate of the Fort and make their way down to the departure point.

This tour provides the teacher with a series of alternative experiences that involve:

  • Senses
  • Actions
  • Games
  • Music & Poetry
  • Music & Poetry
  • Stories
  • Drama
  • Stories
  • Nature Trail
  • Literacy & Numeracy options.

It is a template that provides the teacher with opportunities to include whatever experiences the teacher wishes to emphasise so that each trip to Spike Island is fresh, exciting, and is individually geared to the particular needs of your particular class.

It is the first in a series of ‘Tours of the Island’ which are intended to excite wonder, inform the students and make the visit to Spike Island one that will stimulate the imagination and live for long in their memories.

To download the Spike Island Primary Teacher’s course

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